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Sorry to hear you're possibly experiencing an issue with The Floor.  As with all software, issues can and will arise as we continually update and improve. 

If you've found an error, it's important to let us know so we can look into it and fix it for yourself and other users. Check out our recommend steps below!

Troubleshooting a potential issue

First, its important to do a couple of troubleshooting steps yourself as it may resolve the issue. We recommend you retry the action you were doing after each step.

Step 1:  Ensure you have the latest version of your browser.

Though the platform supports some older browsers, these can cause issues. It's always recommended to be on the latest version of your browser to combat this. Check our supported browsers here.

You can find out how to update to the most recent versions of common browsers online.

Step 2: Check on a second browser (or device)

Checking the action on another browser is always helpful. If the problem is only found on one, that might mean it is a browser-specific issue. If you can, use a different browser - testing on your phone as well as your computer is also a good way!

Step 3: Try using an incognito (private) browser.

Using an incognito browser window allows the site to function without the influence of added add-ons and extension software. It can also solve any issues due to caching.

Step 4: Disable add-ons or extensions that didn't come with your browser

It's rare, but added software, including ad-blockers, have the potential to impact the platform.

Step 5: Restart your modem and/or router.

The issue may be not related to the site, but your own internet connection. Firewalls and proxies can cause issues (its all very techy we know - so just try restarting it and see if helps)

I'm still experiencing the issue

If you're still facing the same issue after all the above steps, you've likely found a bug on the platform. In this case, it's time to get in contact with us and our Support Team will handle it.

Send us a message using the link at the bottom of the article and let us know. Your email will be turned into a 'ticket' where we will talk you through the issue and keep you updated on fixes.  

When you submit your ticket, providing the following information will speed up our work:

  • A screenshot of what you're seeing.
  • Your device - (Mobile, Desktop, Tablet) and (iPhone, Samsung?) etc.
  • Your browser and its version - (Chrome 83 etc.)
  • A screenshot of your browser's inspect console
The inspect console is a handy way for anyone to see errors occurring in the code. To open the console on your browser, follow the steps here https://balsamiq.com/support/faqs/browserconsole/

Once the console is open, retry the action you’re having an issue with (i.e. clicking a button, or submitting a payment).

The console may then prompt you with errors - these are usually coloured red. There may also be a specific 'error' section in the console so look out for that.

Please take a screenshot of the entire page, including any red error messages. The information in these messages will help our developers reproduce any issue.

You're now an honorary code developer!

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