Members/Followers/Subscribing: Explained

Written by The Floor
Updated 2 years ago

Anyone that signs up to The Floor is automatically given a 'Supporter' account. This allows them to explore and use the platform. This is free.

Follower/ To Follow:

Following a Creator is free. Their posts then appear in the Supporter's Newsfeed but only the 'Unlocked' posts are visible if they are not yet subscribing. Followers can choose to get notified when Creators post. They can also directly message the Creators they follow.


Someone that pays to subscribe to a Creator's page is then a Member of that page. This unlocks all posts and events the Creator set to 'Members' only. Members also have access to the Members-only Chatroom. Members automatically follow the creator so their posts appear on their newsfeed and they can choose to be notified when they post.

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