I have a Question about a Refund

Written by The Floor
Updated 2 years ago

How long does it take to receive a direct refund?

Refunds made to Credit Cards take a short while due to card processing times on the issuer's end. Usually, credit card refunds are completed within 3 - 4 business days but in extreme cases can be extended to 7 - 10 business days of the request being processed by Floor Support.

I need a refund made to a different card or PayPal account. How do I do this?

Sorry, but we are only able to refund the funds back to the original payment source used to process the payment. We are not able to change the card or account where the funds are credited back.

Will my refund be processed in the same currency?

Yes. Your refund will be processed in the same currency and amount you used for the payment.

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