I have a Supporter account. I want a Creator account too.

Written by The Floor
Updated 2 years ago

The default account on The Floor is the Supporter Account.  This is so that all users can subscribe to Creators, or pay for one-off items like event tickets.

Creator accounts give access to extended functionality. Creators can create content, interact with fans and sell one-off items.  All Supporter accounts can add creator functionality by applying for a Creator Account.  

 You can become a Creator by going into your account settings on your Supporter page and selecting 'Add Creator Account' below your 'Profiles'

If you don't already have a Supporter Account you can start a Creator account by accessing the site via 'thefloor.com' and selecting 'To Create'. There you can select 'Start My Creator Page'.

You will also be given a Supporter account which you can switch to at any time via the drop-down menu in the right-hand corner. 

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