What is a membership tier

Written by The Floor
Updated 2 years ago

A Tier is a Membership offering. Creators decide the monthly or yearly price their Members will pay and what they will offer for that. This could be anything from discounts or free tickets to live streams, events, exclusive content, merch etc. A benefit may also be direct communication between Creator and Member. This can be via a monthly email, zoom call, messenger, or as a community in the Creator's own Members-only Chatroom. Some Creators decide to offer nothing at all but set the tier as a means of support for their creativity. 

When someone subscribes to a Membership Tier they become a ‘Member’ to the Creator's page. This unlocks all posts and events the Creator set to 'Members' only. It also grants the Member access to the Members-only Chatroom. Members also automatically follow the Creator so their posts appear on their newsfeed and they can choose to be notified when they post.

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